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We are a small group of dedicated volunteers who believe that the humanity we show others speaks volumes about our beliefs and who we are. We believe everyone benefits when the United States opens its arms to those seeking safety here. We work to ensure that an appropriate welcome extends to those who choose the United States to be their new and free home.

Mainers for Humane Immigration works on the unceded homelands of the peoples of the  Wabanaki Confederacy, also known as People of the Dawn. The Wabanaki Confederacy currently consists of four federally recognized tribes, the Penobscot Nation, the Passamaquoddy Tribe, the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, and the Aroostook Band of Micmacs. While they have been living and working on this land from time immemorial, colonization used and continues to use incredible violence to take their land and harm their people, yet they continue to be strong and vibrant communities today.

The parallel connections between how those seeking asylum (many of whom are Indigenous) are treated both in their homelands and upon arrival And the historical colonial mistreatment of the First People of this land isn’t lost on us. Mainers for Humane Immigration supports Tribal Sovereignty for the  tribes living in what is now known as Maine and the passage of Maine LD 1626.

The newly formed Wabanaki Alliance has a web page that  is a wealth of information on each of the tribes, their history, and an important call to action to support their rightful claim to Tribal Sovereignty. To learn more, visit them at: 

Then reach out to Governor Janet Mills, who has yet to show her support, and share the reasons why she needs to sign  this important legislation into law. 

Gov Mills can be reached at:

Please consider a monthly recurring donation to Wabanaki Reach whose work is so incredibly important:


The national bird of Guatemala is a Quetzal which represents democracy and freedom. It is the only bird in the world that, losing its freedom and being caged, dies of sadness. This lovely Quetzal was created by a youth detained at the Tornillo Child Detention Center in Texas. It was a piece in the exhibit, Uncaged Art.


What We Do

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Scarborough Stand

After months of weekly standings at the ICE facility we are changing this focus. Stay tuned for updates on future actions.

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Support Immigration Groups

During COVID it is difficult to provide in person support to those living and working along the southern border and locally here in Maine. But we continue where we can. This includes financial support. 

**We are aiding in organizing volunteers for a shelter in Juarez. Please email us at if interested.

**We are sponsoring a newly arrived to Maine young mother and her young child. They are from Angola and have basic needs that we are helping them with including cell phone coverage, groceries, bus fares, and winter clothing. If you would like to help this effort please use our Donate button. No donation is too small or too large. Thank you.

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Hats for Asylum

A small group of dedicated volunteers knit hats and other items that are sold at local shops. Proceeds now go to the support of a young mother and her daughter new to Maine from Angola.

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Over the past three years we have raised funds to provide requested needs for border shelters in Juarez, Mexico. Examples include providing heating units, water heaters, medical supplies, food, maternity needs, and welcome bags, as well as the payment of medical bills and travel expenses for families in need. 

We have sent educational supplies, tents, lanterns, and clothing to the Matamoros/Brownsville border as well.  

In Maine we have organized the collection of seasonal needs for migrant farm workers, purchased new outdoor summer clothing for children, raised ICE bail funds, and now support a new mom and her daughter while they patiently wait for housing and the approval their asylum claim.

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Volunteer Your Time

 This area will be continually updated.

Whether you would like to volunteer here in Maine or along the country's southern border here are a few organizations to reach out to:

In Maine, support the

Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition -

as they organize help for those arriving to Maine. The needs are great. 

To help along the Texas Mexico border: 

- Juarez, Mexico -

- El Paso, Texas -

- Brownsville, Texas -

To help along the Arizona Mexico border --Near Tucson -

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Make a Donation

We are a small organization and funding is critical to keeping us going. If you can  make a donation to contribute to our cause we would appreciate it. Every little bit helps. 
Funding goes to fill requested needs at shelters in Mexico, Texas, and Arizona as well as to local migrant farm families here in Maine.
We are currently raising funds to become a 501c3 non profit. We are 1/2 way to this goal. 
Donation link at the top of this page or email
Thank you so much for your support.

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Excellent Up To Date Information -

Border Updates twice a week by longtime border journalists:

Current information on border/interior including deportation flights tracking:


Blog by former border patrol/now activist:

Food and gardening unify people. Here are two wonderful books on community gardens in immigrant communities:

Seeds Folks by Paul Fleischman (for kids)


The Earth Knows My Name by

Patricia Klindienst  (for adults) -

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Contact Your Members of Congress

Find your Senators and Congresspersons here:

Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Switchboard: (202) 224-3121


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