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About Us

We are a small group of dedicated volunteers who believe that the humanity we show others speaks volumes about our beliefs and who we are. We believe Maine is a welcoming state and we work to ensure that welcome extends to those who choose the United States and in particular, Maine, to be their new and free home.


The national bird of Guatemala is a Quetzal which represents democracy and freedom. It is the only bird in the world that, losing its freedom and being caged, dies of sadness.


What We Do

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Weekly Scarborough Stand

Rt 1, Near ICE Facility

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Support Presente! Maine

Fund raisers. (See Bail Fundraiser below)

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Hats for Asylum

Volunteer knitters make hats that are sold at local shops. Proceeds have gone to Karina, a friend who runs the San Juan Apostolo shelter for women and their new babies in Juarez, Mexico.

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Fund Raise

Online Art Auction for Presente! Maine's ICE Bail Fund


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